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The Legalisation Office provide UK Apostille Certificates for UK documents so that they will be recognised outside of the UK without further validation
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A UK Apostille Certificate can be attached to almost any type of document just so long as the document has originated from the UK. There are a few exceptions, for example, documents issued by websites claiming to be distance learning universities can not be issued with an Apostille unless they are recognised as a UK educational institute.


Which documents can be issued with an Apostille Certificate?

Personal documents

Personal documents range from academic certificates through to birth, marriage and death certificates. Another common document is a National Identification Service, Disclosure Scotland or other similar criminal record check document, these are often required by people working outside of the UK.

Another common requirment is for personal documents relating to a mariage outside the UK or when settling a decesased persons estate with assets outside of the UK.

Business Documents

Typically business documents include certificates of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. These sorts of documents often require an Apostille to prove a UK company exists when carrying our business overseas.

Often businesses will need to issue Powers of Attorneys to their representatives overseas. These will require an Apostille certificate to make the document legally valid.

It is often possible to combine documents under one Apostille to reduce costs.

Please contact us for advice on how best to issue an Apostille Certificate to your particular documents.

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