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The Legalisation Office provide UK Apostille Certificates for UK documents so that they will be recognised outside of the UK without further validation
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Apostille Certificates

An Apostille certificate is a small certificate that can be attached to a UK document enabling that document to be recognised outside of the UK. The certificate itself is approximately A5 in size and follows a legal format.


What does an Apostille Certificate contain ?

The Apostille Certificate contains all or some of the following information depending on the document it is attached to –

1. Country of issue

2. Who has signed the document

3. The capacity in which the person signed the document

4. Details of any seal on the document

5. Place of issue

6. Date of issue

7. Issuing authority

8. Apostille Certificate number

9. Stamp of issuing authority

10. Signature of representative of issuing authority

The contents of the Apostille Certificate confirms the details of the legal practitioner, for example a solicitor, that has signed the document. If the document has been issued by an official UK body such as UK Court of Law and contains the official seal of the court then the Apostille certificate will relate to the court seal.

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